WPRA Breakaway World Standings Update: Hali Williams Leads the Way and Shelby Boisjoli Starts to Climb

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Scott Foley

The breakaway roping of 2023 has seen records get broken by veterans of the game while rising super stars have gotten a taste of the bright lights of Denver, Fort Worth and San Antonio. We are halfway through the winter run with just Houston, Austin and San Angelo left and the standings are looking as follows.

No. 1 Hali Williams, $33,791

Williams had an outstanding run at the Texas Circuit Finals that got her 2023 season started right. She left Waco with $6,730 added to her earnings before she showed up in Odessa to rope a 1.9 and add another $1,800. Williams’ performance in Fort Worth continued to show that she is a dominant force this year as she went through to the final round and added a total of $11,200 to her winnings.

No. 2 Cheyanne Guillory, $29,495

Guillory’s 2023 season started with a smoking 1.8 in Odessa that earned her a second-place finish and $3,764. She brought that momentum to Fort Worth where she roped a 1.7 to win a go-round and a 1.9 to win the Finals and collected the $20,000 that shot her to the top of the WPRA World Standings.

No. 3 Erin Johnson, $21,651

Before heading to the National Finals, Johnson took advantage of the breakaway in Loveland, Colorado. Stopping the clock at 2.3 and 2.6 seconds she racked up over $3,600. From there, she pulled a check in Odessa before success found her yet again, in Fort Worth. Placing in every go-round and going through to the Finals, Johnson added almost $10,000 to her earnings.

No. 4 Joey Williams, $16,984

Williams has been on a hot streak in 2023 aboard Horse of the Year winner, Baby. The duo roped a 1.9 in Great Falls, Montana to cash in over $2,000 before heading down south where both Fort Worth and San Antonio have paid off. Williams collected $6,420 at Dickies Arena and would split the Final Round win in San Antonio with a 1.7-second run that was worth $5,500.

No. 5 Ashley Goforth, $15,720

A large portion of Goforth’s earnings came from the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. She split fourth in Round 1 and won Round 2 with a 1.9-second run to advance on to the Semifinals where she would rope a 2.6. In the Short Go, a 2.0-second tun would be worth $12,000 for Goforth as she finished second.

No. 6 Madison Outhier, $15,389

Outhier found her way to the pay window multiple times at the Texas Circuit Finals. She was the No. 1 cowgirl in the average and took home over $5,000. Another $1,000 was added to her earnings in Liberty, Texas before the month was over. Moving on to the winter run and a 1.8 second run in San Antonio’s Semifinals brought her total earned there to over $4,000.

No. 7 Josie Conner, $14,611

Conner has consistently added to her earnings from day 1 of the season. Starting off strong at the Texas Circuit Finals before she won Bellville and placed in multiple rounds in Lubbock. Conner had a round of luck in Fort Worth and San Antonio ahead of getting the win in Starkville, Mississippi with a 2.4 second run.

No. 8 Samantha Fulton, $14,522

Fulton’s season started with a bang in North Dakota. She roped a 1.9 and earned a total of $1,641 in Minot. At the Las Vegas Breakaway Roping, another $1,585 was added to her earnings and over $2,000 would come her way in Fort Worth.

No. 9 Martha Angelone, $12,421

Angelone had go-round success in Fort Worth but it was San Antonio that sent her to the pay window multiple times. With a 2.1-second run she won Round 1 and a 2.4 put her second in Round 2. She left with over $2,000.

No. 10 JJ Hampton, $11,563

Rosenberg, Texas kicked off Hampton’s season with a $2,683 payday in October. The Texas Circuit Finals were next where Hampton would cash in on a 2.2-second run. Big pay days to follow would come from Fort Worth and San Antonio where Hampton would make two sub-2.0 second runs.

No. 11 Shelby Boisjoli, $11,052

Boisjoli would have great success in San Antonio as she would become the 2023 San Antonio Breakaway Champion. Winning Round 1 with a 1.8 would set the pace for the Canadian cowgirl. A second place finish in Round 2 would cinch her spot in the Semifinals. It all came down to a 1.7-second run that would split the Final round between Boisjoli and Joey Williams. Boisjoli earned enough to come out on top.

No. 12 Sarah Angelone, $10,894

Angelone’s big break came at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. After a 2.1-second run and a 1.9 she would go on to the Semifinals. As the sister of World Champion, Martha Angelone, it is safe to say that Sarah lived up to any expectations when she backed into the box in Fort Worth.

No. 13 Taylor Hanchey, $10,259

Fort Worth would get Hanchey’s season rolling. A 2.7 and a 2.5 would earn the NFR qualifier go-round money in Rounds 1 and 2. Moving on to San Antonio where she would earn enough to go on to the Semifinals and then Wildcard where she would cash in over $3,000.

No. 14 Kelsie Domer, $9,520

Domer went into Fort Worth as the defending champion and she would fall just short of a second consecutive title. It was a pair of 1.9’s in Bracket 3 that advanced her to the Semifinals and added $3,520 to her earnings. The standout breakaway roper would go on to break the arena record in San Antonio with a blazing fast 1.6-second run.

No. 15 Bradi Good, $9,443

Good’s 2.6-second run in Hempstead got her 2023 started with almost $1,500. A go-round win in Lubbock would also add another $1,516 to her earnings before a 2.4-second run in Los Fresnos would be worth $2,215 for the Texas cowgirl.

No. 16 Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, $9,206

The state of Texas is where Hollabaugh has raked in all her 2023 earnings this far. It started in Hempstead with a $1,453 run before the Texas Circuit Finals continued to add to it. Edna, Texas and Fort Worth would do the same as Hollabaugh consistently ropes under 3.0 seconds.

No. 17 Heather McLaughlin, $9,122

The Southeastern Circuit Finals would shoot McLaughlin towards the Top 17 in the World. Winning two go-rounds worth $1,264 a piece, the Florida cowgirl would add another $948 to her earnings with a second-place finish in another round. She would follow up in Odessa with a 1.8-second run that would prove to be worth $3,764.

No. 18 Shai Schaefer, $8,946

The Wyoming turn Texas cowgirl is having success in her new home state. Picking up over $3,700 after a 1.8-second run put her second in Odessa, she would impress during her bracket of Fort Worth by finding the pay window in two go-rounds.

No. 19 Lari Dee Guy, $8,823

Guy’s earnings all came before the year 2023 even started. Sub 3.0-second runs in both Bowie and Seguin, Texas would add almost $2,500 to her winnings. The Texas Circuit Finals added another $1,500 and $1,700 would be added after Guy won the average on three head in Edna, Texas at the South Texas Classic Bustin’ and Breakaway.

No. 20 Jackie Crawford, $8,061

Crawford would get a check of $748 at the Texas Circuit Finals to kick off her season but it was in Fort Worth that she added continuously to her earnings. Placing in Round 1 and winning Round 2, Crawford went on the Semifinals and then the Wildcard where she would make a 2.3 second run worth $1,000.