WPRA Breakaway Roping Standings Update: Hali Williams Leads by $47,000 After Texas Swing



The breakaway roping of this year’s Texas Swing is as fast as it gets. World Champions and young guns all leaving their mark as some won bucket list rodeos and other’s continue to be the best in the game. From Fort Worth to San Angelo, the money racked up and here is your Top 20 in the WPRA World Standings.

1. Hali Williams, $91,913

Williams’ kickstarted her Texas Swing with a go-round win and third-place finish in her bracket of Fort Worth with a pair of 2.1’s. From there, she carried that momentum to pull checks in San Antonio, Los Fresnos and Austin. Her biggest win of the season so far came at RodeoHouston. It would be a 3.6-second run that would be worth $50,000 for the Texas cowgirl.

2. Joey Williams, $44,731

Williams and her horse, Baby, have been on a roll. Their season started with a 1.9-second run in Great Falls, Montana before they came down south for the Texas Swing where they dominated. Over $4,500 came her way in Fort Worth, $8,125 in San Antonio, $14,750 in Houston and almost $10,000 in Austin. Consistency was key for Williams in the Texas Swing.

3. Cheyanne Guillory, $40,531

Guillory’s Texas Swing started in Odessa when she won the Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo with a 1.8-second run. That momentum came with her to Fort Worth and then to Houston. Guillory’s fastest run in Fort Worth was a 1.7 in Round 2 of her bracket but the big win went to her after a 1.9 in the Finals to add $20,000 to her season earnings.

4. Tiffany Schieck, $39,254

The most successful part of Schieck’s Texas Swing was none other than RodeoHouston. She capitalized in the Super Series and Semifinals to win $6,000 before finished second and add another $20,000 to her name. To top it off, her run out west started with a win as she roped a 1.8-second run worth $3,993 at the High Desert Stampede.

5. Martha Angelone, $37,330

Texas has added over $23,000 to Angelone’s 2023 season earnings. After battling back in the Championship Round of RodeoHouston through the Wildcard, she earned $9,500 there before heading to Austin where she added almost $11,000 to her name. In Mercedes, Texas, Angelone roped a 1.8 to cash in on another $3,300.

6. Erin Johnson, $34,730

Johnson is another cowgirl who has remained consistent enough to pull checks at the major rodeos of the Texas Swing. She started off strong in Fort Worth finishing fourth in the Finals and first in the average. A pair of 2.1’s in San Antonio added over $3,000 to her earnings while Houston added $10,500. Johnson also started her run out west strong with a 2.2 to get a go-round win in Logandale, Nevada.

7. Sarah Angelone, $27,759

With only seven rodeos attended this season, this Angelone sister is making them all count. It started with success in Fort Worth where she won one go-round and placed in the second of her bracket. She would add the most money to this season’s earnings in Houston with a total of $10,500 coming her way. She rounded out the Texas Swing with another round of success at Rodeo Austin.

8. Samantha Fulton, $23,695

Fulton has some success in Fort Worth and Houston but she also had success outside of the Texas Swing. Starting with Odessa, she cashed in a 2.0-second run for $1,230 and a 2.5 earned her $1,740 in Los Fresnos. Between Arcadia, Mercedes, Montgomery and Cave Creek she added over $3,000 to her 2023 season earnings.

9. JJ Hampton, $22,734

Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston where the honey holes for Hampton’s Texas Swing. A pair of 2.0’s won Hampton the First Round of her bracket and placed her in the second in Fort Worth. Moving on to San Antonio , a 1.9 won her the First Round and a 1.8 won her the third. Finally in Houston, a 3.3 and 4.5 would earn her enough to go on the Semifinals where she would be a 4.5 before stopping the clock at 2.7 in the Championship Round.

10. Sawyer Gilbert, $22,600

It was towards the end of the Texas Swing when Gilbert picked up the momentum we all know she has. With a small chunk of change coming her way in Houston, Gilbert took that little bit of momentum to Austin and landed in the money during Round 2 before proceeding to win the Final Round, the average and over $10,500.

11. Danielle Lowman, $21,891

Arizona’s Lowman made the Finals in Fort Worth and added a total of $2,760 to her name before adding $6,000 in Houston. More recent success came from her home state where she won Wickenburg with a 1.9-second run before she went on to Redmond, Oregon and won there with a 1.8. Lowman then swung over to Logandale, Nevada and stopped the clock at 2.4 seconds to win Round 1 and @2,286.

12. Josie Conner, $20,008

Conner’s biggest success of the Texas Swing came in San Antonio. She made a 1.8-second run that was good enough for second in Round 3 of her bracket and $1,000. She followed it up with wins at smaller rodeos that have been adding up to land her in the Top 15. Starkville, Mississippi, Bryan, Texas and Redmond, Oregon are just a few that Conner’s has had success.

13. Ashley Goforth, $19,318

Goforth would taste Texas Swing success in Fort Worth. After winning the Second Round of her bracket with a 1.9, she went on toe qualify for the Finals where she would rope a 2.0 that would be worth $12,000. From there, success found her in Los Fresnos, Texas and Montgomery, Alabama.

14. Kelsie Domer, $19,175

Fort Worth is Domer’s biggest money earned of the 2023 season so far. With a pair of 1.9 second runs, Domer advanced to the Semifinals where a 2.4 put her in the Finals. She left Fort Worth with over $5,000 added to her earnings. San Antonio, Houston and Austin all added to that along with a win in Ada, Oklahoma woth almost $1,500.

15. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, $19,018

RodeoHouston would be responsible for Hollabaugh’s Texas Swing success. In Super Series V, the Texas cowgirl finished second in Round 1, fourth in Round 2 and first in Round 1 earning her $5,750 and advancing her to the Semifinals where she won another $1,000.

16. Jackie Crawford, $18,906

Crawford picked up a go-round win in Fort Worth with a 2.3 that was worth $3,000 and she did it again in Houston with a 2.7 for $4,500. These two go-round wins would be her biggest paydays of the Texas Swing wile she cashed in at smaller rodeos.

17. Madison Outhier, $15,389

San Antonio would turn out to be Outhier’s best part of the Texas Swing. She tied for second in her bracket with a total of just $1,750 but before it was said and done she would add another $$6,000 to her name.

18. Taylor Hanchey, $15,350

With San Antonio and Houston bringing in some success for Hanchey, she has also found it at the smaller rodeos in Texas and one in Florida. A 2.5-second run in Okeechobee would prove to be worth $1,013 in a game where every penny counts.

19. Shelby Boisjoli, $14,724

There were few rounds of San Antonio that Boisjoli was in and did not finish first. With a 1.8-second run, she won Round 1 of her bracket, a 1.9 and she won the her Semifinals and a 1.7-second run in the Finals made her the Champion. She left San Antonio with over $10,500 added to her season earnings.

20. Nicole Baggerley, $13,845

It seems that anytime Baggerley picks up a check, it’s a hefty one. A 2.4 in Arcadia, Florida added $4,400 while a 2.1 in Goliad, Texas brought in $2,000. Her runs in Wickenburg, Arizona and Logandale, Nevada each brought in around $1,500 and the average in Logandale was worth $2,000.

Standings current as of WPRA April 20, 2023.