The Cowboy Channel Partners With Thor’s Skyr As Outside Interest in Rodeo Grows

Fitness has become a big deal in the world of ProRodeo. No matter the event, these cowboys and cowgirls are showing up in better shape than ever before, which is part of the reason Thor’s Skyr, traditional Icelandic style yogurt became attracted to the industry.

That, and the fact Thor’s Skyr already has roots in rural America by being made on family farms in Pennsylvania using technology from Iceland.

It made for a perfect match with The Cowboy Channel’s audience.

“These are people who care about family farms and care about dairy products and will really benefit from this sort of product from an athletic perspective,” said brand manager York Underwood, a former rodeo reporter.

The brand was co-founded by Hafþór Björnsson, one of the most decorated strongmen of all time who also portrayed The Mountain in seasons 4-8 of Game of Thrones.

What makes skyr different from traditional yogurt? A few things. Its filtered more, so there is less lactose and less lactic acid, making for a thicker and more protein-packed product with less sugar. Skyr’s fermenting process also makes it full of probiotics, which help with gut health. Lastly, it contains casein protein, which is the slowest releasing protein. This allows for sustained energy and recovery.

“When you buy Greek yogurt, you’re hoping it will be this,” Underwood said.

Thor’s Skyr is available in more than 2,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

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