World Champion Cody Custer Helped Pave The Way For Stand-Alone Bull Riding Events

The 1990s served as a huge turning point in the sport of bull riding due to stand-alone events such as the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, Professional Bull Riders and Bull Riders Only.

The 1992 World Champion Cody Custer played an important role in the sport during this time as he competed in many of these events as bull riding quickly became its own entity.

As sponsors entered the industry of bull riding there was a large shift in the amount of money the athletes were able to earn and ultimately the sport as a whole.

The stand-alone events provided more accessibility to the athletes as fans were able to meet the riders, take pictures and get autographs.

“Really, we all just became a big family including the fans, there was people that came and still are coming that started with us,” Custer said.