Resistol Rookie of the Year Standings Update

The Resistol Rookie of the Year races are well underway! Here is a look at the current standings as we continue through the Texas Swing.

In Bareback Riding it is Keenan Hayes who is not only first in the rookie race, but he is also No. 1 in the PRCA World Standings with over $46,000 earned on the season. Kade Sonnier and Dean Thompson are in second and third in the rookie race respectively.

In Steer Wrestling Cash Robb is at the top with over $13,000 earned on the year. Trisyn Kalawaia is in second with just under $7,000 earned.

In Team Roping Cole Thomas and Cutter Pake Thomison lead the Heading and Heeling side of things. Thomas has made over $13,800 while Thomison is sitting just under $12,000 this year.

Saddle Bronc Riding is highlighted by Ryder Sanford who holds a commanding lead in the rookie race. Sanford has made $25,155 on the year, more than $10,000 ahead of Q Taylor who is in second place in the race.

The Tie-Down race is shaping up to be a good one with Cash Enderli leading Joel Harris by less than $2,000. Enderli is at $24,309 on the season while Harris is just behind him at $22,438.

In Barrel Racing it is Kalli McCall who leads the way as she approaches $10,000 earned on the year. Rainey Skelton is in second place with $7,335 in earnings.

Finally, in Bull Riding it is Jestyn Woodward and T Parker going back and forth. The two are currently separated by less than $1,000 with Woodward in the lead at $29,528.