Kaycee Feild Wins Second Semifinal in Fort Worth, Gets Opportunity to Defend Title

After immediately following up his 2021 World Champion with a win in Fort Worth in 2022, Kaycee Feild is back for more in 2023.

At the FWSSR this year, the six-time World Champion has yet to make a ride marked lower than 88 points as he was 90 on Friday night to bank $4,000 and advance to the Finals once again.

“That horse right there, I really gotta slow down and be methodical about it,” he said. “That horse was getting really high, trying extremely hard to go up...She started showing off and getting higher and higher and higher. That’s when the bareback riding gets really fun.”

Feild won both Go-Rounds in Bracket 2, meaning he is yet to finish anything other than first.

Joining him in Saturday night’s Finals from Semifinal B are Taylor Broussard, Kade Sonnier and R.C. Landingham. The bareback riders had to be 86.5 points or better Friday night to move on.