Barrel Racer Emily Beisel Goes to No. 1 in Round 1 in San Antonio

In a tough set of barrel racers, Emily Beisel and Chongo ended the night on top of the leaderboard. With a time of 14.20 seconds, they took home the Round 1 win of Bracket 3 in San Antonio.

“You know, we go from Fort Worth where it’s pretty open and I kind of got to think about woah, woah, woah and you get to San Antone and it is go, go, go. I’m asking him for every inch through that run,” Beisel said.

Beisel was fifth out in Round 1, barely missing the drag that comes half way through the barrel racing. But she is on top of the ground in the next two rounds and Chongo is on fire right now.

Lisa Lockhart, Brittney Sporer and Molly Otto were the rest of the Top 4 in Round 1.