Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves Head to Third Straight NFR as Team Roping Partners

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Egusquiza Graves

Shelby Caitlin

Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves are in very different parts of their careers, but the two have found a solid partnership and are heading back to the NFR in 2022. For Graves, 2022 marks his 14th career NFR appearance, while Egusquiza will make his fifth appearance.

Here is a look at the duo’s 2022 season highlights.


Farm-City Pro Rodeo, $7,386

Egusquiza and Graves may not have won either round at the Farm-City Pro Rodeo, but their two runs were consistent enough to get them the average title. In Round 1 the pair placed second with a 4.3-second run. They followed that up with a fourth-place finish in the second round, bringing their total time to 8.9 seconds.

St. Paul Rodeo, $7,262

The pair opened the rodeo with a 6.4-second run, meaning they would need a big showing in the Final Round of the rodeo to get a paycheck, and they had just that. The duo went 4.9 seconds in the finals to secure a second-place finish in the round and a fourth-place finish in the average.


San Angelo Rodeo, 3.5 Seconds

It was a perfect start for the pair in San Angelo as they stopped the clock at 3.6 seconds to win the opening round of the rodeo. The run earned Egusquiza and Graves over $5,000 each.

Southeastern Livestock Exposition, 3.6 Seconds

We should have seen the 3.5-second run in San Angelo coming, as the run before Egusquiza and Graves had their second-fastest time of the season at 3.6 seconds. The run would win them the Southeastern Livestock Exposition and a check of over $3,600 each.


Kitsap Stampede, 3.9 Seconds

Egusquiza and Graves took the one header in Bremerton, Washington with a 3.9-second time. The win would earn the pair a check of $3,422 each.