Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo: Performance 2 Winning Rides and Runs

A pair of World No. 1s stole the show Friday night

Dinosaur Roundup 2024

Keenan Hayes went 90 and Leslie Smalygo made a smoking 17.05-second run as both rearranged the leaderboard in Vernal.

No. 1 Keenan Hayes, 90 Points on Powder River Rodeo’s Misdemeanor

Unranked Brady Buum, 4.3 Seconds

No. 31 Erich Rogers/No. 36 Paul Eaves, 4.9 Seconds

No. 28 Wyatt Bray/No. 43 Paden Bray

No. 4 Ryder Wright, 87 Points on Powder River Rodeo’s Party Planner

Unranked Michael Otero, 8.9 Seconds

No. 308 Bailey Currie, 2.4 Seconds

No. 1 Leslie Smalygo, 17.05 Seconds

No. 40 Ernie Courson Jr., 82.5 Points on Powder River Rodeo’s Unbuckled