Trey Johnson Gets Set To Host Church On Morning Of American Shoot Out Round

Trey Johnson is leader the Church service on Sunday at The American.

Johnson qualified for the preliminary round in the team roping and although he did not qualify to the Semifinals, he will still be making an appearance across the street from AT&T Stadium when he leads the service Sunday, March 6, in Arlington.

Joining Johnson will be Stran and Jennifer Smith along with Hunter Reaume. Reaume has a special testimony at the American after his experience at the 2021 American when he was so close to cashing in on that million dollar.

Johnson hosts a service every Sunday that airs on RFD-Tv and he shares the word across the nation.

“I’m very thankful. I tell the world all the time, I’m just going to stay focused on Him and keep working on me. I just want to reach as many people as I can,” Johnson said.

The American Service will take place at Texas Live at 10:00 CT for those in town to attend.