The Stetson Wright Invitational Bull Riding is this Saturday night at 10 PM Eastern on The Cowboy Channel and PRCA on the Cowboy Channel+ App.

This is the second Stetson Wright Invitational and will feature 30 Bull Riders.

Stetson is not alone in planning the rodeo, "A lot of work goes into it, but my mom helps a lot, she pretty much puts it on so most of the credit goes to her."

The cowboys are competing for $30,000 and can walk away with a big payday depending on ground money.

"Depending on how everybody does, Brady (Portenier) was the only one in the short round that stayed on last year so he won a little over $11,000."

Wright went on to talk about the quality of riders who will be competing, "I am really excited about all the people that are coming... there is just a bunch of them and every single one of them has been riding really good."

There are recognizable names competing and names you may not have heard yet, but that doesn't mean they will be unfamiliar for long.

"I went to the top five kids in the high school state standings and they have all been riding good this year... they are just all outstanding riders."

You can watch the second annual Stetson Wright Invitational Saturday, May 14th at 10PM Eastern on The Cowboy Channel and PRCA on The Cowboy Channel+ App.