Stetson Wright Takes Impressive Lead in the Pendleton Extreme Bulls Tour Finale

Stetson Wright, the seven-time World Champion, is leading the Xtreme Bulls standings with $82,248 in earnings and is currently leading the Pendleton Extreme Bulls Tour Finale with 174.5 points on two head. Wright has already banked more than $13,000 after winning both of the first two rounds.

“Like I said, I was gonna just try to go one bull at a time and keep it simple and I mean, I’m loving what I’m doing right now,” he said.

Wright was one of five cowboys to ride two bulls and the next closest competitor to him is Josh Frost at 171 points.

With $120,000 on the line in just two nights of bull riding, Wright is only focused on getting better with each ride and with his performance so far this week, this Tour Finale could easily turn out with another win for the world champion cowboy.

Wright is also leading the world standings in the bull riding with $276,216 in season earnings, followed closely by Josh Frost at No. 2 and Ky Hamilton at No. 3.

“Ky and Josh are both cowboys and like they say, iron sharpens iron and we’re all keeping each other sharp,” he said.

The bull riders will each get on two more tonight with the winner being determined by a four-head Average. The action begins on The Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel+ at 11 PM ET.