Six-Time World Champion Cody Ohl’s Benefit Ropings are About Hope

Six-time World Champion tie-Down roper Cody Ohl called it the Match Fest when it first started. Now, these match ropings have turned into benefit ropings, something that Ohl has seen the power of first hand.

“I just prayed to God when I was sick, give me a vision. I know you kept me here to be a dad but give me something else,” Ohl said. “So I feel like these events, these benefits, is what my kind of calling was and help change some lives.”

With $29,000 raised in just over a month to benefit Caleb Berquist, a former Montana State roper left paralyzed by a side-by-side rollover, Ohl’s benefit ropings have taken off.

There has also been another to benefit Quincy Kueckelhan, who got in a truck accident and a third, a match between Shad Mayfield and Ohl, is scheduled for later in June on behalf of Mayfield’s good friend Corey Carrington.

“When someone goes down and gets hurt or has bad luck or whatever, everyone’s got great intentions to want to help those people but Cody’s a guy that steps up,” said Clayton Williams, a benefit supporter.