Reid Oftedahl Continues to Recover after Injury at 2022 NFR, Makes it Home for his 29th Birthday

Reid Oftedahl

Laura Grossman

Reid Oftedahl is continuing to recover after a scary injury at the 2022 NFR. According to Oftedahl’s family, via his Caring Bridge website, Reid was able to return home on December, 30.

The full post went on to say the following: And he’s home! Reid was discharged from the rehab facility on Christmas Eve. He was so happy to be able to spend the holidays with his wife and kids!

Reid started outpatient therapy at Advanced Neurologic Rehab this week with plans to continue for the next 4-6 weeks. As for his progress, Reid’s walking independently with use of a cane! The doctors told Courtney he’s a walking miracle! Memory- short and long- is intact. Occasionally he has to search hard to find the word he’s looking for, but otherwise doing well.

As for the casual stuff, Reid’s in good spirits. Therapy is hard for him, but like before, he’s not one to complain. He may take up some weight lifting at a local gym to get his strength back. The Arizona weather has been treating him well. He spends most of his days outside, playing with the kids, looking after Tinsley’s pony, and a few days ago was coaching folks on how to fix the arena drag 🤣 He even went to a roping down the road the other day to watch our cousin Chance ride. He enjoyed sitting there for a few hours. As for this weekend, Reid turns 29 on New Years Day!

The thoughts, prayers, well wishes, phone calls, text, gifts, donations, etc. continue to come in! Again, we thank you! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe 2023!