PRCA Steer Wrestling Standings Update: Oregon’s Dalton Massey Furthers Lead with RodeoHouston Win

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James Phifer

The competition in the steer wrestling is an ideal mix of multi-time world champions and fresh faces with athletes such as Tyler Waguespack, Will Lummus and Dalton Massey as they claim the Top 3 spots in the PRCA World Standings.

No. 1 Dalton Massey, $81,123

Dalton Massey is having his best season yet as he currently leads the PRCA World Standings with a career high of $81,123 in earnings. A massive victory at RodeoHouston catapulted the cowboy into the No. 1 spot as he earned a check for $57,500 in total. Massey was also in the money at La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros with a round win and multiple impressive runs to accumulate $10,166 in Tuscon, Arizona. His success didn’t stop there, Massey advanced through to the Final Round of Rodeo Austin where he landed in fourth place to take home a total of $4,051.

No. 5 Jacob Talley, $40,086

Jacob Talley sits No. 5 in the PRCA World Standings with over $40,000 in earnings. Talley stayed consistent in San Antonio as he lead the qualifiers from Bracket 5 and continued his success in the Semifinals finishing out at No. 1 to then advance into the Championship Round where the cowboy turned in a 3.8-second run to claim third place and earn an overall check of $15,250. RodeoHouston was also a success for Talley as he laid down multiple runs that landed him in the money and ultimately a spot in the 10-Man Round where he finished out last but was able to earn a check and take home $9,000 in overall earnings.

No. 13 Stan Branco, $23,512

Stan Branco is currently sitting inside the Top 15 for the PRCA World Standings after an outstanding run of 3.2 seconds in the Final Round of Rodeo Austin to claim the championship title and a check for $10,270 which nearly doubled his total earnings for the season.

With six months left in the season including the lucrative California and summer run remaining there are still big checks to win and countless runs to make. Take a look at the PRCA Top 20 in the steer wrestling.

1.Dalton Massey$81,123
2.Will Lummus$44,116
3.Tyler Waguespack$42,754
4Jesse Brown $40,427
5.Jacob Talley$40,086
6.Ty Erickson$36,126
7.Tucker Allen$33,641
8.Kyle Irwin$30,990
9.Cody Devers$30,375
10.Joshua Hefner $26,441
11.Stephen Culling$23,845
12.Stockton Graves$23,777
13.Stan Branco$23,512
14.J.D. Struxness$21,860
15.Cameron Morman $20,467
16.Rowdy Parrott$20,448
17.Nick Guy $19,296
18.Gavin Soileau$18,845
19.Blake Knowles $17,450
20.Riley Duvall$17,253

Standings current as of PRCA on March 28, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET.