Patrick Gottsch’s Vision for the Fort Worth Stockyards

Patrick’s passion for Fort Worth and his careful, strategic planning earned him immense respect in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its historic Stockyards, thanks to the visionary efforts of Patrick Gottsch and Craig Cavileer, managing partner at Stockyards Heritage Development Company. Their partnership turned the Stockyards into a premier destination for cowboys and western enthusiasts.

Cavileer’s relationship with Gottsch began over a decade ago when Gottsch expressed his desire to return to the Stockyards. His vision was to rejuvenate Fort Worth’s cowboy culture and let it resonate nationwide. Initially, Gottsch planned to move some corporate operations to Fort Worth. However, his methodical approach soon led to more ambitious plans, including the relocation of the Cowboy Channel and Cowgirl Channel studios, creating a hub for western lifestyle broadcasting.

Gottsch’s passion for Fort Worth and his careful, strategic planning earned him immense respect. The Stockyards, once seen as a tourist trap, have been transformed into a genuine cultural and entertainment center, often compared to “Rodeo Drive.” This transformation attracted major western lifestyle brands and significantly enhanced the area’s appeal.

A pivotal moment in this journey was the 2020 National Finals Rodeo. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Gottsch and Cavileer managed to host the event at the Stockyards, drawing 450,000 visitors over ten days. This showcased the Stockyards on a national stage and demonstrated Fort Worth’s resilience and enduring cowboy spirit.

Under the guidance of Gottsch and Cavileer, the Fort Worth Stockyards have become a vibrant, authentic destination celebrating the cowboy way of life. Their visionary partnership has not only preserved a historic landmark but also created a thriving hub that embodies the spirit of the cowboy for future generations.

The Gottsch family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, memorial gifts in Patrick’s honor be made to the National FFA Foundation.