Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker Talks About Patrick Gottsch’s Tenacious Spirit and Love for the West

Mayor Mattie Parker and Patrick Gottsch had a refreshing relationship that put Fort Worth and the American West first

Patrick Gottsch hailed from Nebraska but he was quick to make the historic Fort Worth Stockyards a second home when The Cowboy Channel landed in the cowboy capital of the world. Mayor Mattie Parker has had a front row seat to many of Patrick’s Fort Worth accomplishments and their relationship was a refreshing one for her.

“Patrick was such a trailblazer in so many ways. To me, it’s kind of personal what he’s created to bring rural America and Western lifestyle to home across really the entire United States. When I think about Patrick and what he accomplished, it took a lot of guts and bravery and then also a lot of money to something that may or may not have panned out,” Mayor Parker said.

With Fort Worth being the fastest growing city in America, Patrick was sure to help us hold on to its heritage and make sure that the story of the American West is always remembered. His trailblazing on that path continued when he launched The Cowgirl Channel alongside his daughters in May of 2023.

“Back to his influence around women in Western lifestyle, to tell those stories which took a lot of bold vision, which I’m incredibly thankful to have gotten to be a small part of that piece, but importantly, what it looked like to make sure Fort Worth continued to stay on the forefront of that story telling and for us to showcase our own wonderful cowgirls here in the city of Fort Worth and to have them here, broadcast from RFD was very special,” she said.

If you ask Mayor Parker, what we owe to Patrick’s legacy is to keep the tenacity and spirit of the Western way of life alive.