Championship Pro Rodeo’s Will O’Connell Gives Insight Into Their Successful Week In Texas

Part owner of Championship Pro Rodeo, Will O’Connell, has had an outstanding week in Texas.

Championship Pro Rodeo bucked all of their bareback horses at the Riggin’ Rally, which was put on by Will O’Connell himself this past Sunday in Weatherford.

San Angelo has been a great success for the horses from Championship Pro Rodeo, and they have continued to get their job done.

O’Connell has high expectations for these bareback horses and says “Jimmy Roth and I, when we put this thing together, we wanted a set of horses that if a guy rides one they can be close to 90 or in the high 80’s or buck them off”.

It has been a great week for Championship Pro Rodeo and we look forward to watching these horses continue to show out!