Zero In: Five Fast Facts Heading Into the Summer Run

100 Rodeos in 100 Days begins in less than a month with the Reno Rodeo. Here are five fast facts as we head toward the Summer Run!

1. Last year the standings saw some major changes throughout the Summer Run, but no event saw more of a change than Bull Riding. Seven of the top 15 Bull Riders before the Reno Rodeo would fail to make the NFR, including four in the top eight.

2. Caleb Smidt was the only eventual World Champion who was ranked outside of the top 15 the week before Reno.

3. Last year Team Ropers Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira set a new record for earnings over the Fourth of July weekend with over $35,000 earned.

4. The Reno Rodeo marks the start of 100 Rodeos in 100 Days. Reno is the sixth richest rodeo throughout the season and the third highest paying rodeo of the Summer Run.

5. During 100 Rodeos in 100 Days in 2022, Stetson Wright made over $145,000. Had Stetson not made a dollar outside of the Summer Run he would have entered the NFR in fifth place.