Zeke Thurston Rises to the Top at World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Xtreme Broncs

Zeke Thurston and Burch Rodeo’s Lunatic From Hell were the matchup to watch in the Short Round of the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Matched Xtreme Bronc Ride. The duo met up once again and this time it was a 91-point score that landed them at the top of the board.

“What an incredible horse. You can’t get a horse more consistent, to buck that hard and be a superstar every time he does it. My hats off to the Burch crew, that’s an amazing horse,” Thurston said.

This was Thurston’s best performance in Miles City and it resulted in a win for the Canadian cowboy. If you ask him, it is a wild, western time and he loves it.