WPRA Barrel Racing Standings Update: Hailey Kinsel and Emily Beisel Hustle Towards the End of the Season

Beisel_2021 NFR_1280


With the final week of the season approaching, the Top 15 is getting closer to being final and locked in for this December’s National Finals Rodeo.

Reigning World Champion Jordon Briggs has held onto the No. 1 spot for the majority of the season while Dona Kay Rule and Wenda Johnson have stayed steady within the Top 5.

4. Hailey Kinsel, $118,903

Three-time World Champion Hailey Kinsel has taken this year to season some younger horses but her main mount Sister is still as fast as ever. The two made their first trip to the Northwest where they pulled checks at Walla Walla, Ellensburg and the first ever Cinch Playoffs in Puyallup. Kinsel and Sister have added $100,000 to their 2022 earnings from just 10 rodeos. Kinsel turned Sister out into the pasture for a break before the NFR and said, “I could never repay you for what you do for me but I will try to everyday!”.

9. Emily Beisel, $93,147

Beisel has been steady and consistent this season as she has remained within the Top 15. She cinched two wins over the past weekend that bumped her into No. 9 in Albuquerque and Abilene. She had luck up north on Beau and it was Chongo who took over in New Mexico and Texas. The two wins added over $6,000 to her season earnings.

12. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $87,719

Pozzi Tonozzi and her two mares, Birdie and Anna, have worked hard and had success at just the right times. In Montana and Wyoming, Pozzi Tonozzi brought in over $3,000 after placing and Dillon Jaycess PRCA Rodeo and Meagher County Labor Day Rodeo. In Spokane, Washington it was a second-place finish and now Pozzi Tonozzi is back in her home state.


World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Jordon Briggs$177,209
2.Dona Kay Rule$127,441
3.Stevi Hillman$120,602
4.Hailey Kinsel$118,903
5.Wenda Johnson$118,744
6.Shelley Morgan$110,460
7.Sissy Winn$101,848
8.Margo Crowther$96,870
9.Emily Beisel$93,147
10.Kassie Mowry$92,553
11.Bayleigh Choate$90,469
12.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$87,719
13.Jessica Routier$84,605
14.Leslie Smalygo$84,016
15.Michelle Darling$79,572
16.Lisa Lockhart$77,777
17.Paige Jones$77,554
18.Taycie Matthews$76,780
19.Cheyenne Wimberley$75,070
20.Ivy Saebens$71,070

The 2022 season comes to an end on September 30 and the Top 15 will be finalized. Coming up this week is the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo in Amarillo along with the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo in Stephenville and more. With money left to be won, it will come down to the last rodeo of the season to see who makes the cut.

Standings current as of WPRA September 19, 2022.