World Champion Team Roper Paul Eaves’ Barn is Home to Some Star Horsepower

Paul Eaves is a two-time World Champion Heeler who found his love for roping at a young age. When he was just under 10 years old, Eaves and his sisters started to learn to ride. It was when he was 12 that he saw a team roping happening and decided that team roping was something they wanted to try together.

“That’s when we bought a little, kind of, horse pony for me, I was pretty young, to learn to heel on. My dad bought a head horse. We dug up the pasture there at the house, I think we had four steers, put up some panels and went to roping,” Eaves said.

It did not take long for Eaves to figure out that roping was something he wanted to be good at and it took off from there.

Fast forward to 2016, Eaves and his wife Amanda had a raw piece of land that they started to build their dream place. From clearing trees, building horse pens and the arena, Eaves says it started to take shape into what he and his wife wanted.

From Woody and Jade to Bourbon, Eaves star lineup of horses live on a little piece of heaven when they aren’t on the road being top of the line athletes.

“We’re asking them for everything they got. I mean, just how I give everything I got roping, it takes everything they have physically and mentally too, it’s not just being an athlete. It’s them mentally being into it. The really great ones, they really want to do good… A great horse to me, they want it as much as you do,” Eaves said.