Winning is on Olin and Jackson Hannum’s Minds in Dodge City

The current Round 2 lead in the bull dogging at the Dodge City Roundup belongs to Olin Hannum after his 3.9-second run in Performance 1.

“I knew he was going to let off but he lifted his head a lot higher than expected. I felt pretty lucky just to catch him and then we were just hustling after that,” Hannum said.

This trip to Dodge is even better for the family as Hannum’s son Jackson qualified for the performance in the mutton bustin. With four trophies to his name, Jackson came to Dodge with one thing on his mind: winning.

It is a familiar place for Hannum to be and winning seems to be on his mind as well. He picked up where he left off as he sits tied for fourth in Round 1 and leads the Average.