United We Brand: An American Military Celebration Expansion

The American Military Celebration takes place each October, bringing together veterans and team ropers from across the country to learn and compete in one of the most impactful events of the year.

Founder of the American Military Celebration Charly Crawford grew up sorting and branding cattle and wanted to share this experience with veterans and first responders.

Bill Force, a member of the American Military Celebration Board of Directors, worked alongside Charly in finding veterans and putting on this great event that took place just outside of Stephenville, Texas.

This experience was intended to help these veterans take part in the cowboy lifestyle and were able to participate in cattle gathering, sorting, and branding.

“These are thing that are pretty dear on my heart. As cowboys we got to go live our dreams while someone was fighting for us and now that I’m at the end of my career, now I want to let them experience some of the things I got to see while they were fighting for me,” Charly Crawford said.

The American Military Celebration will take place October 26-30 in Decatur, Texas to continue to show support for America’s military and first responders.