Trevor Hales Wins Windy Ryon Memorial Roping

All Around cowboy Trevor Hale finally made his first trip to the Windy Ryon Memorial Roping after wanting to go for years and he left as the Tie-Down Roping Average Champion.

“To be here today is just awesome and to come out ahead, that’s pretty special to me,” Hale said.

Hale is sitting No. 2 in the Resistol Rookie standings behind longtime friend and arena rival Riley Webb.

“Riley and I, we’ve grown up together, we spend everyday roping together, at jackpots and rodeos. He was high call, I was second high call, I got lucky this time but it’s great. We’re good buddies, it’s fun,” Hale said.

Hale also sits No. 1 in the Resistol Rookie Standings for the All-Around position.