Tie-Down Roper Riley Webb Looks Back at Highs and Lows of His Rookie Season

Riley Webb accomplished a huge feat when he cinch his first National Finals Rodeo qualification and the title of Resistol Rookie of the Year came right along with it.

It started when he roped at home with his dad and now, Webb spends his time practicing and riding at his girlfriend, Josie Conner, and her family’s place. From the time they get up they are always roping and practicing with one goal: get better. Webb has also had help from Conner’s father, Mr. Jade Conner, who Webb says thinks about roping 24/7 just like him.

“It’s inches and tenths and you know, that all goes into play so, you know, you’ve just got to think about stuff that other people don’t think about. Everybody can rope, everybody can, you know, have a good horse and you’ve just got to think out of the box and see how you can get better,” Webb said.

Between Webb and Conner, their success is undeniable but if you ask Webb, being this successful at their age doesn’t come without the right people in your conner. For him, Conner helps him with everything from practice, to money, to horses.

“I’ve learned a lot from her, more than she’s learned from me, I can say that,” he said.

Webb took on some of the biggest rodeos in the world as a rookie including the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo and Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. With a rodeo count of 75 to get to in 2023, Webb picked it up when he kicked off his summer run. Big wins came his way with Reno Rodeo and the Greeley Stampede. He hit a rut in July but kept the positivity, Webb said that’s just part of roping.

“You’re going to draw bad, it ain’t going to go your way but it’s hard when you’re out there driving all night back over here and not doing good then you’ve got to turn around and drive back past two rodeos that you just kind of got to come back to. It was a struggle, but I was blessed to be out there doing what I love, win or lose,” Webb said.

The 2022 Resistol Rookie of the Year traveled with Shad Mayfield in August and September of last year and besides roping, they kept it fun. The two fed off of each other to keep up the momentum and at the end, both had $10,000 weekends. It was the final push of the season they helped Webb secure his NFR qualification during his rookie year.

Webb hustled through the 10 rounds of the NFR to end up the No. 10 ranked calf roper in the world all as a rookie.