The Smith Family is #StillRanching in New Mexico

These photos were taken at The Smith Ranch between Carlsbad and Hobbs, NM. Mr. Smith had three daughters. He always said they were his best “cowboys” growing up. Now, they’re branding with their children,who are all boys!

Tibba Smith, who submitted the photos says the 2020 branding season has been a lot different. He says it’s been longer due to fewer people, and they aren’t “neighboring” so the crew has been family only. Tibba is the oldest of the 3 sisters. Then there is Keli and Stephanie who both married handy cowboys, which helps the branding process.

Are you and your family #StillRanching?

As Americans are stocking up on food and supplies, America’s agriculture sector is still working tirelessly to ensure our food supply is secure when we need it the most.

Even in times of crisis, America’s farmers are #StillRanching and we want to share their stories of hard work, perseverance and stewardship of the land with the entire country.

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The Smith Family is #StillRanching in New Mexico