The Austin Gamblers Built Their Dream Team

The Austin Gamblers completed their first ever PBR Team Series Draft with the No. 5 man in the world and two-time PBR World Champion Jose Vitor Leme as their Round 1 pick before they went on to add four other talented bull riders to their roster.

Head Coach Michael Gaffney and General Manager JJ Gottsch knew from the moment they received the No. 1 pick in Round 1 at the lottery that Leme was the man they wanted to have on their team. They completed their team with Austin Richardson, Lucas Divino, Claudio Montanha Jr. and Conner Halverson.

“We’re pumped. I mean, we were fired up when we got Austin, we didn’t think that was going to happen but literally every rider that we selected tonight we did not think, we had them projected to go before our pick on our big board and so literally, we feel like we got a much better team than we hoped for and anticipated. The guys are already getting along, they’re fired up, they want to start, we’re ready to get started,” Gottsch said.

The excitement for the Austin Gamblers at the PBR Team Series Draft that took place at Texas Live in Arlington, Texas brought some surprises and the decisions got tougher when they had the option to pick guys that they did not think would be available. One thing that the Austin Gamblers did was build their team with the input of their members and they have a roster that they are thrilled with.


PBR’s Austin Gamblers Successfully Fill Their 2022 Roster

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