Texas Rattlers Drafted Bull Riders Full of Heart & Character to go to Work in the PBR Team Series

The Texas Rattlers put together the exact team they were hoping for on the night of the historic PBR Team Series Draft Party. General Manager Mark George says that they stayed the course and are so excited about the guys they got.

With the legendary Cody Lambert as the Head Coach, the Rattlers drafter Joao Ricardo Vieira, PBR World Finals standout Cody Jesus, along with Brady Oleson, Brady Fielder and JC Mortensen to complete the first part of their roster.

The Texas Rattlers were also a part of the first ever trade in PBR history when they traded Daylong Swearingen and Mason Taylor to the Carolina Cowboys and in turn, received Joao Ricardo Vieira and Cody Jesus. Coach Lambert knew he wanted Vieira while helping the Carolina Cowboys get their pick as well.

“Now, I think it’s all about getting the guys ready. You know, we have certain mentality and an outlook that we look for in these guys but they’ve got to prove it. They have to now show up and bring their best abilities and Cody can tweak a couple things here and there but a lot of it is on them, really showing the heart and character that we drafted,” George said.

The next step has begun and that is training. Coach Lambert’s key to success is fundamentals and his plan is to get his guys of the mentality to know the position they are fighting for on a bull and they put in the work to get there every time.


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