Team Roping World Standings: Four Heelers Compete for Final NFR Spot

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The tightest bubble race in all of ProRodeo is on the heel side of the team roping and not only is it close, it’s also crowded.

Jonathan Torres currently sits No. 15 with $82,968, but behind him are three cowboys within $1,200 - Lane Mitchell, Paden Bray and Paul Eaves.

We will be zeroing in on how all four of those cowboys have performed recently below.

15. Jonathan Torres

Torres and his brother, Joshua, won the Pendleton Round-Up Short Round and ran away with the Average - taking the event title on three-head by more than three seconds. The next weekend, however, the pair only totaled $159 across four rodeos, opening the door for cowboys ranked No. 16-18.

16. Lane Mitchell

Mitchell has spent his entire summer on the bubble and after trailing the No. 15 spot by $5,000 two weeks ago, the 28-year-old is now within $150 of his first NFR qualification. Mitchell’s 11 runs of 4.5 seconds or faster this season are more than he had the previous two years combined.

17. Paden Bray

The fact that Bray is even in this position is an accomplishment in of itself. On Aug. 1, he sat No. 26 in the World Standings with a little over $45,000 to his name. Bray and partner Erich Rogers won six checks of more than $2,000 in August and banked $11,000 in the month’s final weekend alone. Bray and Rogers appear to have one final surge in them as well. Last weekend, the pair won the Poway Rodeo (California) and the Amarillo Tri-State Rodeo (Texas). Both of those wins paid more than $2,500. Bray, 23, has made the NFR each of the last two years.

18. Paul Eaves

After his furious rally to win the Gold Buckle in 2020, it’s hard to count out nine-time NFR qualifier Paul Eaves, but things haven’t gone well for him as of late. Eaves entered September No. 12 in the World Standings, but this month, he has only made two trips to the pay window and hasn’t done so since the Lewiston Roundup on Sept. 10. Still, he is only $1,200 back of the 15th spot and he’s also by far the most decorated cowboy on the bubble.


1. Kaleb Driggers $227,878
2. Clay Tryan $144,663
3. Andrew Ward $124,619
4. Coleman Proctor $110,700
5. Tanner Tomlinson $106,056
6. Dustin Egusquiza$101,655
7. Rhen Richard $96,632
8. Tyler Wade $96,423
9. Jr. Dees $95,454
10. Cody Snow $91,843
11. Lightning Aguilera $90,421
12. Riley Minor $89,046
13. Clay Smith $88,218
14. Chad Masters $87,444
15. Jake Orman $84,220
16. Derrick Begay $82,629
17. Cory Kidd $82,022
18. Aaron Tsinigine$80,696
19. Jake Clay $80,332
20. Paul David Tierney$76,648


1. Junior Nogueira$227,878
2. Jake Long $129,698
3. Buddy Hawkins $123,076
4. Jade Corkill $110,855
5. Logan Medlin$110,699
6. Patrick Smith$106,056
7.Travis Graves $101,655
8. Levi Lord $97,463
9.Jeremy Buhler$96,632
10. Trey Yates $95,011
11.Wesley Thorp $91,843
12. Joseph Harrison $89,958
13. Brady Minor $85,563
14. Brye Crites $85,563
15. Jonathan Torres $82,968
16.Lane Mitchell $82,822
17. Paden Bray $82,680
18. Paul Eaves $81,713
19. Tanner Braden$78,648
20. Billie Jack Saebens $76,465