Film Room: T Parker Makes Sure to Have as Much Fun Outside the Arena as he Does Inside

T Parker is one of many young up-and-coming bull riders. In his rookie campaign, he sits at No. 2 in the Resistol Rookie Standings and No. 8 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings.

Parker had a strong showing at the Resistol Rookie Roundup as he was the only Bull Rider to make the full 8 in the opening round, earning him over $5,500.

Parker said the score may not have been high, but he got the job done after being surprised by what the bull, Pitch Fork, changed up.

“I’ve seen that bull have so many different trips than just that one. It was a lot different, he had me hustling the whole time.”

After his ride, Parker celebrated with a somersault, a new celebration that he says will be sticking around.

“I go there, my parents got there, and I told my dad if I cover my bull just throw your hands up and I’ve got a new trick to do.”

Parker is finding his groove this year, but a season ago while on his permit, he says there was some major frustration until a big ride in Albuquerque.

“When I first started I wasn’t consistent at all. I think I bucked off of 13 or 15 bulls straight and kind of really got in my head... I think it’s all really a mind game to be honest with you because after Albuquerque I came back and went to Pasadena and did really good in Pasadena and then started this year really really good.”

The 2023 season did start off great for Parker with his best win coming in Lawton where he went 89.5 points for the biggest win of his career.

“It was my favorite ride so far this year. The prettiest my form has looked going around the left. He was just a really good bull and I’m glad I rode him that day.”

While he is making a name for himself in the arena, Parker makes sure to always have fun both while competing and when he is not. Parker has gained a large social media following on TikTok where he has over 100,000 followers thanks to the attitude that he says his mother instilled in him.

“My mom always raised me to be joyful you know. Just to do what you love and to have fun doing what you’re doing. TikTok that is my go-to, if I’m not riding bulls I’m on TikTok.”