The Reno Rodeo Xtreme Bulls paid out $60,000 total and four cowboys kicked off their summer run with a payday of $9,000 or more on Thursday night. 

Garrett Smith was the champion with a two-head total of 177.5 points to defeat Stetson Wright, the only other cowboy to ride two, by 5.5 points. 

Smith cinched the win with 91 points on Big Stone Rodeo Inc's Shot in the Dark to win the Short Round. 

First round: 1. (tie) Tristen Hutchings, on Big Stone Rodeo Inc's Bert, and Maverick Potter, on All In Pro Rodeos' Past Midnight, 87 points, $4,820 each; 3. (tie) Roscoe Jarboe and Garrett Smith, 86.5, $2,546 each; 5. (tie) Josh Frost and Tyler Taylor, 84.5, $1,091 each; 7. Bubba Greig, 84, $728; 8. Trey Kimzey, 83.5, $546.



Finals: 1. Garrett Smith, 91 points on Big Stone Rodeo Inc's Shot In The Dark, $6,548; 2. Stetson Dell Wright, 89, $5,578; no other qualified rides.



Average: 1. Garrett Smith, 177.5 points on two head, $9,095; 2. Stetson Dell Wright, 172, $6,972; 3. (tie) Maverick Potter and Tristen Hutchings, 87 on one head, $4,244 each; 5. Roscoe Jarboe, 86.5, $2,122; 6. (tie) Tyler Taylor and Josh Frost, 84.5, $1,364 each; 8. Bubba Greig, 84, $909. *(all totals include ground money).

The PRCA rodeo in Reno begins Friday, June 17 and runs until June 25 only on The Cowboy Channel and PRCA on Cowboy Channel+.