J.B. Mauney is back in just two days. 

According to ProRodeo.com, Mauney will compete at the Helotes Festival Association Rodeo on April 29 and the George Paul Memorial the next day. 

Mauney has been out since the 2021 NFR and had right groin surgery in February. Mauney thought he had injured his groin during the NFR, but it turns out, he had been riding with damage in it for years and the more he rode, the more it pushed the bone against a nerve in his leg. 

"They think I chipped something and once I chipped it, it got in the muscle and eventually it calcified and got bigger and bigger and bigger, and they had to dig it out of my leg," he told ProRodeo.com

Mauney says he'll know if the surgery did its job on Friday. 

"I'm not going as hard right off the bat. I'm going to take it easy until the middle to end of May and go to whatever is close (to home) and then after that I'm going to hit them hard," he said. "People were asking me if I was going to hang it up and I said why would I do that. Do you really think I could hang my hat up on riding one out of 10 bulls at the NFR? The day I think I can't show up and win will be the last you will ever see me."