GINA: Girls In Action

A widely loved brand of original tees has planted roots at Dallas Market Center.

Who is Gina?

“Gina is every girl that takes action in her life! This can be personally, professionally, and spiritually. These girls defy gender roles, challenge traditional beliefs and take on the world. May we know them, may we be them and may we raise them!”

The story behind the brand:

GINA or (Girls In Action) is a company that originated 20 years ago by a mother and daughter duo. The name Gina came to life from the daughter Megan.  Megan would try to get her mom’s attention and her mom wouldn’t answer so one day Megan yelled “Gina” and it finally got her attention so it stuck. That’s where “Girls IN Action” started.


Gina tees are for the boss babes and the girl gangs of modern cowgirls. The ladies who love to break the rules. They are unique, fun, and funky. The shirts are handmade in Texas. With a brand-new permanent show room at market retailers can physically feel the softness of the tees and check out the fit to better serve their customers.

Additionally, to their tees they are designing a custom denim line and a retro makeup line that I can’t wait to see!


The show room is eclectic and modern chic. It is accented with a marble wall, tiled photo murals, and a fun velvet couch. The atmosphere represents their brand, and its fun and comfortable just like their tees.

Be sure to check out the “Girls IN Action” next time you visit Dallas Market Center, WTC floor 14; showroom #14084.


Siobhan Hilliard

Author: Siobhan Hilliard | Director of Western Fashion, The Cowboy Channel
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