Stetson Wright and Sage Kimzey Battling Injuries through Texas Swing

The Texas Swing is taking its tole on athletes across several events, including a couple of World Champion Bull Riders. Here is your Justin SportsMedicine Injury Report.

Stetson Wright is dealing with a broken ankle but has not stopped competing. Wright is heading to the Semis in Houston on the ankle and as of now, it does not look like he will be slowing down anytime soon.

Saddle Bronc Rider Leon Fountain is dealing with a knee injury, and Justin Sports believe it to be an LCL tear or possible fracture below the knee. There has not been an official MRI yet as Fountain continues to compete on the injury.

Sage Kimzey made his return in Fort Worth last month but is back on the injury report after suffering a minor groin injury. Kimzey is also still battling a shoulder injury that forced him out of Houston.