Steer Wrestler Levi Rudd Takes Strong Lead in Rodeo Austin Semifinals

Levi Rudd took the lead in the steer wresting on Night No. 1 of Rodeo Austin’s Playoff Semifinals when he put a time of 3.8 seconds on the board.

The Semifinals are three performances where the Top 8 overall will move on to the Final Round and Rudd’s mentality is just keep running them, the 3.8 is fast for now.

Rudd’s equine partner now was the haze horse during Rudd’s winning run at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

“You know, a lot of horses do start out as haze horses, it’s kind of easier on them, but he’s just talented. He’s just easy. That’s what sold me on him and I couldn’t be happier with having him,” Rudd said.

Rudd has the lead by a full second with two nights of Semifinals to go.