Steer Wrestler Joshua Hefner Posts Fastest Time of Semifinals at Rodeo Austin

Rode Austin gives Bulldoggers a great opportunity for fast times in the Semifinals as they bring back the top 24 calves from the Long Round. With that
in mind, Joshua Hefner knew he had a chance for a great run after he drew the same calf that Gavin Soileau went 3.5 seconds on in the opening round.

“I knew the steer was going to be good, Gavin was 3.5 on him in the first round. I wasn’t expecting to catch up that fast. The horns came quick and I was lucky enough to hang on and he fell clean and flat.”

Hefner took advantage and was marked 3.6 seconds, which put him in the top spot in the Semis and essentially locked in his spot in the Finals.

Hefner is currently No. 12 in the PRCA Steer Wrestling World Standings and is looking to make his first-career NFR.