Steer Wrestler Dakota Eldridge Takes Early Lead in Redding Rodeo Average

Dakota Eldridge is placing in both Go-Rounds of the Redding Rodeo and currently leading the Average. He stopped the clock at 4.4 seconds to make the second fastest run of Round 2 after being a 6.9 in Round 1 making him 11.3 on two head.

“You know, that steer left a little slower than I thought and luckily I was able to pull and still get a good go. He was phenomenal on the ground,” Eldridge said after his Round 2 run.

We usually see Eldridge back into the box aboard Clayton Hass’ standout horse, Benz, but tonight, Eldridge grabbed a backup horse that was the perfect fit for Redding.

“I’m fortunate… he let me pull across the line like that because it sets up your go and when you get a good start like that it makes so much stuff easier,” he said.

There are two more rounds of slack and two more performances for Eldridge to wait out, but he seems to have set himself up for success in California.