Sage Kimzey and Trey Holston Split First Go-Round of Bracket 5 in San Antonio

Seven-time World Champion Sage Kimzey and National Finals qualifier Trey Holston split the first round win of their bracket in San Antonio with a pair of 87 points.

For Kimzey, San Antonio will always be a special place.

“This was my first big win of my professionally career too. My rookie year, I come in here and lucky enough to get the win and it started my entire career. So to come back here after the shoulder surgery, it always feels great to get a victory lap here,” Kimzey said.

Holston ended up on a re-ride bull and made the most of it.

“There’s some places you go to that’s just right and sometimes you go for the first time so today was a great opportunity to start this rodeo off right,” Holston said.

Both Kimzey and Holston cashed in $2,250 and have two more rounds to go in San Antonio.