Saddle Bronc Rider Sage Newman Earns Back-to-Back RodeoHouston Titles

Sage Newman did it again. He walked away from RodeoHouston the Champion for the second year in a row and he climbed to the No. 1 spot in the world after doing so.

It would be 90-point rides for Newman as the story on Championship Sunday. The first, on Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Hitman in the 10-Man Championship Round and then he did it again on Cervi Championship Rodeo’s outstanding paint, Womanizer.

“This is awesome, you know. I drew some great horses all week and I’m happy to be here and glad to be a repeat,” Newman said.

The Montana bronc rider had never drawn Womanizer before and he was super excited to have the iconic mare that let’s cowboys show off. Newman added a total of $56,750 to his earnings after making six remarkable bronc rides.

In the Shootout, Newman beat out Chase Brooks, Ben Andersen and Zeke Thurston.