Rookie Roundup Barrel Racing Champion Kalli McCall on Her 16-Year-Old Horse Mohawk and More

Fresh off of her win at the Resistol Rookie Roundup presented by The Cowboy Channel, top-ranked rookie barrel racer Kalli McCall stopped by Western Sports Round-Up.

McCall rides a 16-year-old named Mohawk that spent years as a head horse. She trained him on the barrels herself by trotting the pattern for a couple years before he started ducking the barrels and became her brother’s team roping horse full-time. However, due to injury, she had to take Mohawk to a high school rodeo, which she won.

Mohawk has been her No. 1 ever since.

McCall did not have anyone in her family grow up in rodeo, but she followed in her brother’s footsteps after he said one day he wanted to start team roping.

“My mom and dad they really just bought me old rope horses and that’s kind of what I learned on,” she said. “And then Miss Robin Herring (owner of Firewater on the Rocks), she’s who taught me pretty much every single thing I know about barrel racing and barrel horses. She has literally helped me every step of the way.”