RodeoHouston: Super Series V

Houston SS V.jpg

The final Super Series of RodeoHouston will fill the final four spots left in the Semifinals for each event.


R.C. Landingham is just outside of the Top 25 in the world and he has drawn Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Pearl Harbor who Sam Peterson rode for 84 points in Denver and the horse was also out in San Antonio. Rookie Keenan Hayes’ matchup is Cervi’s Family Tradition who was rode for 84 points earlier in Houston.

Chad Rutherford
RC Landingham
Briar Dittmer
Anthony Thomas
Sam Peterson
Keenan Hayes
Clay stone
Tanner Aus


Will Lummus and Dakota Eldridge are two multi-time National Finals qualifiers who have yet to cinch a RodeoHouston title. Lummus’ rides Clayton Hass’ standout horse, Benz, and the two are a successful duo. Eldridge is coming into Houston fresh off success in Globe Life Field.

JD Struxness
Timmy Sparing
Caden Camp
Bridger Chambers
Riley Duvall
Dakota Eldridge
Will Lummus
Stan Branco


Patrick Smith is another veteran cowboy who has yet to take home a RodeoHouston Championship but header, Tanner Tomlinson, might be the one to help him cinch a win. The duo made it through to the Super Shootout Championship Round in 2022 where a no time took them out of the running.

Aaron TsinigineKyle Lockett
Rhen RichardJeremy Buhler
Clint SummersRyan Motes
Paul David TierneyTanner Braden
Manny EgusquizaJoseph Harrison
Erich RigersPaul Eaves
Tanner TomlinsonPatrick Smith
Jake Cooper ClayBillie Jack Saebens


Canada’s Layton Green has drawn Cervi’s Target Practice for his Round 1 horse. It was Stetson Wright who rode this horse for 81 points in Houston last year and K’ Thompson marked 81.5 before that in Denver. Another Canadian athlete we’ll see is Calgary’s Zealous Departure and CoBurn Bradshaw.

Sage Newman
Kole Ashbacher
Shorty Garrett
Dean Wadsworth
CoBurn Bradshaw
Layton Green
Kolby Wanchuk
Isaac Diaz


Blane Cox tied the fastest run of Rodeo Austin the night before swinging over to Houston while Ty Harris’ had huge success at Globe Life Field. These two will be riding a wave of momentum coming into the Super Series.

Blane Cox
Quade Hiatt
King Pickett
Kyle Lucas
Ty Harris
Riley Webb
Shad Mayfield
Riley Pruitt


Rising breakaway stars Josie Conner, Madison Outhier and Hali Williams are among the eight ladies backing into the box. They will be up against some of the toughest veterans of the sport including JJ Hampton and Taylor Hanchey.

Jordan Jo Hollabaugh
Josie Conner
Danielle Lowman
JJ Hampton
Madison Outhier
Beau Peterson
Taylor Hanchey
Hali Williams


Taycie Matthews is another athlete who had success in Austin before the Super Series as well as in San Antonio. She sits just outside the Top 15 in the WPRA World Standings by $1,259 meaning a go-round win in Houston might be what gets her into the top.

Molly Otto
Kassie Mowry
Lindsay Sears
Taycie Matthews
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi
Shelby Spielman
Wenda Johnson
Kylee Scribner


Trey Kimzey and Maverick Potter are two of the final eight bull riders in Houston’s Super Series. According to the PRCA site, neither cowboy rode in Houston in 2022. Potter’s Round 1 bull is Sticky Dreams of Rocky Mountain Rodeo and is the same bull that Brady Portenier pulled a third place check on in the previous bracket.

Jared Parsonage
Hayes Weight
Toby Collins
Jordan Spears
Trey Kimzey
Maverick Potter
Clayton Savage
Jordan Hansen