Red Steagall Partners With The American Paint Horse Association

The Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering has announced a great partnership with the American Paint Horse Association.

This partnership is intended to grow the western way of life as well as grow the interest and awareness of the American Paint Horse Association.

The APHA’s Executive Director, Dr. Billy Smith, says “We’re just honored for the chance and honored that Red’s thrown his support behind us and that he feels confident working with us.

The event will take place October 28-30th in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Red describes the event as a “family western weekend”, which will include a ranch rodeo, poetry reading, trade show and many other forms of entertainment that reflect on the cowboy way of life.

“We celebrate the life and the lives of the men and women who make their living horseback, working cattle, providing beef steaks for the dinner tables of America”, Red Steagall says.


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