PRCA Team Roping Standings Update: Clay Smith is Barely in While Brye Crites is Barely Out

Clay Smith_1280

Maci Berry

The team roping is always interesting to watch towards the end of the year as we keep our eye on the teams that qualify for the National Finals Rodeo together and what possible new teams we will see inside the Thomas and Mack.

No. 14 Header Clay Smith and No. 2 Heeler Jake Long

This year has also brought us one of the greatest comeback stories with Smith and Long. Smith’s leg has hardly slowed him down and he is now within the Top 15. After the duo had a successful trip to the first ever Cinch Playoffs at the Washington State Fair Pro Rodeo in Puyallup, they went on to Buffalo, Texas to finish second and add to their earnings. It is looking like we could see them together this December.

No. 15 Header Jake Orman and No. 17 Heeler Brye Crites

Orman and Crites are hustling to cinch their spots for the NFR. Their recent success could help get the job done. Placing in Round 1 of the Pendleton Round-Up and the Short Go added to their season earnings. They also took home the win from the Lion’s Dixie Roundup in St. George, Utah which added almost $2,500 to their earnings.

Heading World Standings

World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Kaleb Driggers$223,973
2.Clay Tryan$144,663
3.Andrew Ward$122,959
4.Coleman Proctor$108,088
5.Tanner Tomlinson$104,251
6.Dustin Egusquiza $101,655
7.Rhen Richard$96,632
8.Tyler Wade$96,423
9.Jr. Dees$95,453
10.Cody Snow$91,842
11.Lightning Aguilera$89,963
12.Riley Minor$89,504
13.Chad Masters$87,443
14.Clay Smith $86,006
15.Jake Orman$82,033
16.Paul David Tierney$79,335
17.Aaron Tsinigine $79,085
18.Jake Clay$77,936
19.Erich Rogers$75,002
20.Derrick Begay$73,767

Heeling World Standings

World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Junior Nogueira$223,973
2.Jake Long$127,487
3.Buddy Hawkins$121,417
4.Jade Corkill$110,855
5.Logan Medlin$108,088
6.Patrick Smith$104,251
7.Travis Graves$101,655
8.Jeremy Buhler $97,654
9.Levi Lord$95,171
10.Trey Yates$95,010
11.Wesley Thorp$91,842
12.Joseph Harrison$89,958
13.Brady Minor$89,504
14.Lane Mitchell$82,822
15.Jonathan Torres$82,464
16.Paul Eaves$81,713
17.Brye Crites $81,505
18.Tanner Braden$79,335
19.Paden Bray$76,890
20.Billie Jack Saebens$74,069

With the end of the month nearing, the team ropers on the bubble have a led foot on the gas as they try to cash in every penny. Those within the Top 15 are right there with them as they know how much every penny counts going into the Thomas and Mack.

Standings current as of PRCA, September 22, 2022.