PRCA Team Roping (Headers) Standings Update: Rhen Richard Separates from the Field Thanks to Big Texas Swing

Richard Buhler Houston.jpg

The dust is settling after the Texas Swing and the big winners have begun to separate themselves from the field, none more so than Rhen Richard who is in first place by $24,000.

No. 1 Rhen Richard, $83,252

Richard earned over half of his money at RodeoHouston where he and his partner, Jeremy Buhler went 5.5 seconds in the Finals to claim the crown. In total, the pair won more than $56,000 at the rodeo. The duo are coming off of a nice showing in Clovis where the won the Final Round and placed second in the average after going 35.5 seconds on four head.

No. 6 Cody Snow, $39,566

Cody Snow and Jade Corkill made a nice jump in the standings after finishing in a tie for second in Clovis with a total time of 35.5 seconds on four head. The average check alone was for over $4,000 and helped Snow move into the top 6 in the PRCA World Standings.

No. 12 Jr. Dees, $26,498

Last weekend was a big one for Jr. Dees and partner Ross Ashford. The two took the Clovis Rodeo after 32.2 seconds on four head. The pair won the third round with a 7.4-second run. In total the pair earned over $9,000 at the rodeo.

Here is a look at the current top 20 in the PRCA World Standings

1.Rhen Richard$83,252
2.Nelson Wyatt$59,204
3.Andrew Ward$58,523
4.Dustin Egusquiza$51,049
5.Kaleb Driggers$41,453
6.Cody Snow$39,566
7.Marcus Theriot$38,157
8.J.C. Yeahquo$31,490
9.Tanner Tomlinson$29,559
10.Jake Clay$29,144
11.Luke Brown$26,912
12.Jr. Dees$26,498
13.Chad Masters$25,246
14.Brenten Hall$24,558
15.Derrick Begay$23,901
16.Coy Rahlmann$23,483
17.Riley Minor$22,613
18.Manny Egusquiza$22,462
19.Cole Thomas$22,184
20.Clay Smith$21,867