PRCA Steer Wrestling Standings Update: Limited Movement in the Top 15

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This time of year is hectic in rodeo as contestants make sprints across the country to make the NFR, or make every dollar they can to pad their standing position before the bright lights of the Thomas & Mack in December.

The steer wrestling is notable this time of year for the opposite reason, it has been incredibly quiet. After the second-to-last weekend of the season, the standings were unchanged in the Top 15.

The lack of movement, however, does not mean there were zero notable bulldogging performances over the weekend.

2. Tyler Waguespack

The reigning World Champion competed for the first time in since Aug. 20 over the weekend and was the champion of the Cowboy Capital of the World Rodeo (Texas) with a 3.5-second run. It was his 13th run of 3.7 seconds or faster this season.

10. Tanner Brunner

Brunner has been one of the top earners in all of steer wrestling over the last two weeks, bringing in about $8,000. After winning the Finals in Pendleton on Sept. 17, he placed in two of the three rodeos he went to last weekend and had three runs of 5.1 seconds or faster. Brunner has made three NFRs, but never finished in the Top 10.

13. Dirk Tavenner

After being forced to sweat out the final three weeks of the season due to injury, it appears Tavenner is safe. The breakout star of the 2021 NFR is $13,000 clear of No. 16 Trell Etbauer.

16. Trell Etbauer

It appears the 37-year-old Etbauer will not make his first NFR as he is now $6,500 behind Nick Guy, but he did not go down with a fight. Etbauer won the Sheriff’s PRCA Rodeo (California) with a 3.4-second run and was 3.9 in Amarillo.

1. Stetson Jorgensen $134,661
2. Tyler Waguespack $123,873
3. J.D. Struxness $120,280
4. Will Lummus $119,781
5. Hunter Cure $109,529
6. Ty Erickson $107,784
7.Tristan Martin $104,553
8. Dakota Eldridge$104,098
9. Kyle Irwin $98,354
10. Tanner Brunner $96,271
11. Jesse Brown $91,713
12. Rowdy Parrott $84,861
13. Dirk Tavenner $84,532
14. Timmy Sparing $81,312
15. Nick Guy$78,021
16. Trell Etbauer $71,501
17. Dalton Massey$67,348
18. Camerson Morman $66,357
19. Bridger Chambers $66,192
20. Mike McGinn $63,558