PRCA Steer Wrestling Standings Update: Stetson Jorgensen Makes Moves and Tristan Martin is Back to Dominate

Tristan Martin 2021 NFR_1280


The steer wrestling has been close all year with no one cowboy pulling ahead by much. Tyler Waguespack still sits No. 1 in the World while Will Lummus is right behind him. With one month left in the season, plenty of money yet to be won and a talented set of steer wrestlers on the road, it is anybody’s game.

3. Stetson Jorgensen, $112,263

Jorgensen pulled in big money from the Calgary Stampede bringing just that total to over $17,000. Since then, he has had success in Wyoming at both Casper and Sheridan before he went on to Utah and won Ogden Pioneer Days with a 3.4-second run. He became the Dodge City Roundup Champion after a spectacular Final Round and has consistently added to his season earnings.

7. Tristan Martin, $99,208

Martin recently had two big wins. One coming from the Farm-City Pro Rodeo in Oregon and the other coming by way of the Horse Heaven Roundup in Washington. Between the two rodeo’s, the Louisiana cowboy added over $19,000 to his earnings. He is looking at going to his second ever National Finals Rodeo and his history in the northwest is nothing less than big wins and big checks.

14. Timmy Sparing, $71,774

Sparing could be considered an underdog in some ways but he has climbed the standings this season. With a big win coming from Prescott, Arizona at the World’s Oldest Rodeo added over $6,000 to his earnings. A 4.1 in Dodge City brought in another $2,500 and a 3.7 at the Mountain Valley Stampede did the same. Sparing’s most recent check came from placing in Round 1 of the Walla Walla Frontier Days.

World RankNameMoney Earned
1.Tyler Waguespack$121,429
2.Will Lummus$114,230
3.Stetson Jorgensen$112,263
4.JD Struxness$105,951
5.Hunter Cure$102,717
6.Ty Erickson$100,742
7.Tristan Martin$99,208
8.Dakota Eldridge$87,435
9.Kyle Irwin$82,669
10.Jesse Brown$80,647
11.Tanner Brunner$78,282
12.Rowdy Parrott$77,139
13.Dirk Tavenner$73,212
14.Timmy Sparing$71,774
15.Trell Etbauer$63,774
16.Mike McGinn$63,238
17.Bridger Chambers$60,763
18.Dalton Massey$59,964
19. Cameron Morman$58,153
20.Payden McIntyre$58,101

Standings current as of Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association on September 1, 2022.