PRCA Reveals Bucking Stock for 2023 Wrangler NFR

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The livestock for the 2023 Wrangler NFR is officially set and we will see these animal athletes take center stage along with the best bareback riders, saddle bronc riders and bull riders in the world in Las Vegas.

You can watch every performance beginning Dec. 7 live and on-demand on The Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel+ App and see the full NFR Broadcast Schedule presented by Mahindra here.


It was another great year for Pickett Pro Rodeo’s bareback horses as 12 of them, including Top Notch and Night Crawler, will be at the NFR. That’s the most of any stock contractor in the bareback riding. With 11 and 10 respectively, Championship Pro Rodeo and J Bar J Rodeo are the other two firms to have double digits qualify.

39FresnoLAndrews Rodeo Inc.
154Cash & CarryLAndrews Rodeo Inc.
757Top DollarLAndrews Rodeo Inc.
778Time To RockLBailey Pro Rodeo
5H2Backdoor JohnnyRBarnes PRCA Rodeo, Inc.
40Black KatLBeutler & Son Rodeo
651Happy HourLBeutler & Son Rodeo
658Ghost TownRBeutler & Son Rodeo
111Bar TalkLBeutler & Son Rodeo
48Fired UpR Big Stone Rodeo Inc.
313MayhemR Big Stone Rodeo Inc.
604SOSRBrookman Rodeo
419Moccasin FringeEBurch Rodeo Co.
5F14She-LaRC5 Rodeo Company
A11OneyLC5 Rodeo Company
F13VirgilLC5 Rodeo Company
B-65Born FearlessLCalgary Stampede
Y-92Yipee KibitzLCalgary Stampede
A-91Agent LynxLCalgary Stampede
D-508Disco PartyLCalgary Stampede
B-73Blasting SandLCalgary Stampede
W16Vitalix On Your OwnLMFCervi Championship
S48R. Watson William WallaceRFMCervi Championship
X29R. Watson Daddy’s GirlLMCervi Championship
5-1RipLChampionship Pro Rodeo
5912Pass The HatLChampionship Pro Rodeo
308Vegas ConfusedRChampionship Pro Rodeo
247Cat NapLChampionship Pro Rodeo
445Damaged GoodsR/EChampionship Pro Rodeo
-611Cajun QueenLChampionship Pro Rodeo
K7Big ShowRChampionship Pro Rodeo
P49Gander GooseRChampionship Pro Rodeo
107Hooey RocksLChampionship Pro Rodeo
102Meat CrackerRChampionship Pro Rodeo
Q52The CrowL Championship Pro Rodeo
578Private EyesLDakota Rodeo
313Hot MoneyRFettig Pro Rodeo
608Lil Red HawkLMFlying U
B02Rand The ManRFour Star Rodeo Co.
6M0Deep SpringsRFour Star Rodeo Co.
16Gun FireRFrontier Rodeo Co
28Painted SmokeLFrontier Rodeo Co.
215-Full BaggageLFrontier Rodeo Co.
701Breaking NewsLFrontier Rodeo Co.
704Ed BishopRFrontier Rodeo Co.
16Sippin’ FirewaterRHarper & Morgan
86Square BaleRHiLo ProRodeo
346GronkRJ Bar J
J02+Blessed AssuranceLJ Bar J
Q66Wild NightLJ Bar J
FT15Straight StickLJ Bar J
L00River BugsLJ Bar J
F43All PinkR J Bar J
694Fringe JacketLJ Bar J
F302Straight RingerRJ Bar J
8171Damn StraightLJ Bar J
F608Drunk BunnyLJ Bar J
529Dixies GravyLKorkow Rodeos
118OLS Tubs Stevie KnicksRFMacza Pro Rodeo
531Black MambaRMuddy Creek Rodeo
497Hot MochaRMuddy Creek Rodeo
520Barn BusterLNew Frontier Rodeo
633Broken ArrowRNorthcott & Yule
122Turn Back TimeROutlaw Buckers Rodeo
-001Wilson SanchezRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
319San Angelo SamRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
445Nite FadedLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
213Good Time CharlieLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
807Renovo Shady NightsLMFPickett Pro Rodeo
9504-Scarlet BelleLMPickett Pro Rodeo
471Night DeltaLFMPickett Pro Rodeo
1608-UncappedLFMPickett Pro Rodeo
304Top EgyptianLBPickett Pro Rodeo
447Natural HellRMFPickett Pro Rodeo
7608-Questionable NightlockRMBPickett Pro Rodeo
306-Renovo Night GazerRBPickett Pro Rodeo
3404-Night FlightLMFPickett Pro Rodeo
2708Night CrawlerLMFPickett Pro Rodeo
904Top NotchLFPickett Pro Rodeo
4504-New ScarletLMFPickett Pro Rodeo
384Two Buck ChuckRMPowder River Rodeo LLC
62All Eyes On A & KRMPowder River Rodeo LLC
9873Knot So FoxyRMPowder River Rodeo LLC
710Heads Up HankLMPowder River Rodeo LLC
651Ankle BiterLRafter G Rodeo Co.
5403Right On QLRosser Rodeo
667South Point KateR Rosser Rodeo
060SozoRSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
618Land Of FancyRSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
432Bronc Riding NationLSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
510Shoutin’ Shoes LSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
127Irish EyesLSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
614MustardLSankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics
418Star WitnessLStace Smith Pro Rodeos
17Risky BusinessRStace Smith Pro Rodeos
191Girl CrushR/EStace Smith Pro Rodeos
K10Mr. HarryR Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
F12Game TrailRSummit Pro Rodeo
Y72R. Watson On Second ThoughtRMThe Cervi Brothers
Y50Vitalix Prairie FireRMThe Cervi Brothers
R4BalboaRThree Hills Rodeo
07Hot N HarryRThree Hills Rodeo
O27Tarnished SilverLThree Hills Rodeo
73True GritRFWayne Vold Rodeo
307Snap ChatRWayne Vold Rodeo


The saddle bronc riding is loaded horses from The Calgary Stampede, with 18 in total coming to Vegas from the north of the border. Additionally, seven horses that carried cowboys to round wins in 2022 are back - Sankey’s Black Tie, Legacy’s Hell Boys, Hi Lo’s Garden City Gal, Frontier’s Yellowstone, Pete Carr’s Larry Culpepper, Four Star’s Wall Street and Big Stone’s Rubels.

L19Gypsy RoseLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
H09BrutusLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
810American Hat’s Positive TimesLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
113All Or NothinLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
615RageLBeutler & Son Rodeo
5T6Foul MotionLBeutler & Son Rodeo
-301Hammer StoneLBeutler & Son Rodeo
663Spotted BluesLBBig Bend Rodeo Company
447Major HuckleberryLMBig Bend Rodeo Company
864Broken CampRBBig Bend Rodeo Company
473Wild ValleyLBig Rafter
711RubelsLBig Stone Rodeo Inc.
19Give Or TakeLBig Stone Rodeo Inc.
734Second ThoughtsLBig Stone Rodeo Inc.
331Indian BurnRBridwell Pro Rodeos LLC
307Ragin’ LunaticRBrookman Rodeo
572ApolloRBrookman Rodeo
946Bubble BathLBurch Rodeo Co.
873Lunatic From HellLBurch Rodeo Co.
3003Trump CardRC5 Rodeo Company
765Macho ManLC5 Rodeo Company
638Storm WarningRC5 Rodeo Company
A-73Amazon HillsLCalgary Stampede
W-1 Weekend DepartureLCalgary Stampede
Y-15Y U R FriskeyRCalgary Stampede
Y-38Yesterdays DeliveryLCalgary Stampede
B-26Business GirlLCalgary Stampede
E-54Exotic WarriorLCalgary Stampede
B-54BurbanRCalgary Stampede
Z-37Zoaria HillsRCalgary Stampede
Z-92Zaka KibitzRCalgary Stampede
A-17Artic PlumRCalgary Stampede
C-9Cloudy SkiesLCalgary Stampede
C-78Come AlongRCalgary Stampede
B-7Birch Bubbles LCalgary Stampede
T-77Tokyo BubblesRCalgary Stampede
X-9Xplosive SkiesLCalgary Stampede
X-55Xena WarriorRCalgary Stampede
D-19Dandy DelightLCalgary Stampede
W-16Wild CherryLCalgary Stampede
U82R. Watson’s HitmanRFMCervi Championship
Y76Vitalix Liza JaneLMCervi Championship
650R. Watson’s Ed BishopRFMCervi Championship
V40Vitalix Ricky BobbyLFMCervi Championship
025Feather FlufferRChampionship Pro Rodeo
J43Tickled PinkLChampionship Pro Rodeo
117Diamond FeverLCorey & Lange Rodeo
532MonsterRCorey & Lange Rodeo
85Tear DropLCorey & Lange Rodeo
208Cash DealLDakota Rodeo
476Double RedRDuane Kesler
726Get DownLFlying U
875Wall StreetRFour Star Rodeo Co.
D11Moon ShadowLFrontier Rodeo Co.
102Miss EllieLFrontier Rodeo Co.
303Lil SugarRFrontier Rodeo Co.
832YellowstoneRFrontier Rodeo Co.
-66Route 66RHarper & Morgan
39Garden City GalLHi Lo ProRodeo
170Painted CommotionLJ Bar J
C68In the LuLJ Bar J
J15Straight JacketLJ Bar J
C43Painted JRJ Bar J
N15-Straight MoonshineLJ Bar J
Q320Shady JacketLJ Bar J
9PopeyeLKing Rodeo & Wentz Bucking Bulls
819Joker PokerLKorkow Rodeos
P1BJitter BugLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
R3CVein ReflectionsLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
M6ZHell BoyLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
701FrecklesLMosbrucker Rodeos, Inc.
4361BugsyRMuddy Creek Rodeo
5358South Point BuckleRNew Star Pro Rodeo
508Lunatic PartyLFOutlaw Buckers Rodeo
XWOLS Tubs Magic CarpetRFOutlaw Buckers Rodeo
B8OLS Tubs Little MuffinLOutlaw Buckers Rodeo
3X9South Point GamblerLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
H10Pretty WomanLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
4+Midknight TrainRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
73Dirty RootsLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
086Toma JoRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
010Larry CulpepperRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
650UptuckLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
C480Double TakeRMFPowder River Rodeo, LLC
432Bet the RanchRMPowder River Rodeo, LLC
637Miss Chestnuts LegacyLMF Powder River Rodeo, LLC
-42Miss ValleyRFPowder River Rodeo, LLC
105AssaultRHRafter G Rodeo Co.
O57Pendleton Roundup’s MarqueeRSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
565OutclassedRSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
403Big BayLSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
607Robin HoodRSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
108The Black TieLSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
522Broken ButtonLStace Smith Pro Rodeos
040Charlie’s AngelRStace Smith Pro Rodeos
J16Buck OwensRStace Smith Pro Rodeos
-539Dance Hall DreamerR/EStace Smith Pro Rodeos
687Cat WalkRSummit Pro Rodeo
255Dry CreekRSummit Pro Rodeo
747South PointLSutton Rodeo
V60Vitalix WomanizerLMThe Cervi Brothers
N20Devil’s AdvocateLThree Hills Rodeo
6-0Cancun MoonLTNT Pro Rodeo
00Awesome SauceRUnited Pro Rodeo
52ElviraRWayne Vold Rodeo


There are a total of 46 stock contractors represented in the bull riding. Pete Carr Pro Rodeo and Powder River Rodeo lead the way with nine and eight bulls respectively.

N11The KrackenLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
3XSomething GoodLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
-17Ice TreyLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
Z1ThrillerLAndrews Rodeo, Inc.
930UmmLBarnes PRCA Rodeo, Inc.
04HT-WrecksLBarnes PRCA Rodeo, Inc.
Z54ViperLBeutler & Son Rodeo
Z62Coupe de VilleLBeutler & Son Rodeo
-65Silver BulletRBig Rafter Rodeo
8383Dirty DaveRBig Stone Rodeo Inc.
-777FredLBridwell Pro Rodeos LLC
-806SpeckLBridwell Pro Rodeos LLC
C6Gone PlatinumEBrookman Rodeo
630Zombie TimeLBurch Rodeo Co.
1811Bio-K AnthraxLCervi Championship
2020TheodoreLCervi Championship
81White TrashRCervi Championship
9XDark ThoughtsRChampionship Pro Rodeo
87Gold RushRCorey & Lange Rodeo
902Stand By MeLCorey & Lange Rodeo
837KingdomRCowtown Rodeo
858Trump TrainRDakota Rodeo
76Sneaky SituationRDakota Rodeo
-628Bubba GLDakota Rodeo
F63Flight ChildRDiamond G Rodeo Co.
731Alberta Prime Devil’s AdvocateRDuane Kesler
715ChesterLDuane Kesler
-167Black CherryLFettig Pro Rodeo
301Half CockedRFettig Pro Rodeo
78County JailRFrontier Rodeo Co.
618Gladiator’s HammerRFrontier Rodeo Co.
702eBad JohnLFrontier Rodeo Co.
709JackpotRFrontier Rodeo Co.
755Glory DaysLFrontier Rodeo Co.
115Speed TestLGenerations Pro Rodoe Inc.
17Lock and LoadLHampton Pro Rodeo
4113Big HatLHarper & Morgan
K95DiabolicalLHarper & Morgan
440Mr. WilsonRHi Lo ProRodeo
28+Night ShowRHi Lo ProRodeo
8-100MagaLHoneycutt Rodeo, Inc.
520Rico SuaveRJC Kitaif ProRodeos
706Hard ShotLJS Rodeo
343Grey EagleRLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
42RazzmatazzLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
56Angels LandingLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
769ScrapperLLegacy Pro Rodeo, LLC
639OLS Tubs Ugly WishEMacza Pro Rodeo
829Ugly ThisLMacza Pro Rodeo
605Red LipstickLMacza Pro Rodeo
814Tulsa TimeRMcCoy Rodeo
I17Ridin SaltyRMcCoy Rodeo
70Red WagonRMosbrucker Rodeos, Inc.
763Free BirdLNew West Rodeo Productions
88Blue MagicLOutlaw Buckers Rodeo
701OLS Tubs Sugar JackedROutlaw Buckers Rodeo
883OLS Tubs Hot PantsLOutlaw Buckers Rodeo
53EBayou BengalRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
240Time BombRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
608Twilight ZoneLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
E2-3Midnight RiderRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
187High RiseLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
186Curly BillLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
247PegasusLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
52FOklahoma Smoke ShowRPete Carr Pro Rodeo
780Whiskey On IceLPete Carr Pro Rodeo
517Silent HelloRPickett Pro Rodeo
5GFlapjackLPowder River Rodeo, LLC
592Jag Metals Grand TheftLPowder River Rodeo, LLC
23GErik The RedRPowder River Rodeo, LLC
70FBrustaLPowder River Rodeo, LLC
G34Dirty BruLPowder River Rodeo, LLC
43C-ChiseledRPowder River Rodeo, LLC
705EManabaRPowder River Rodeo, LLC
47FCharmerLPowder River Rodeo, LLC
2LYoung Man BluesLHRafter G Rodeo Co.
903HerculesLHRafter G Rodeo Co.
X3166Wicked SensationRRafter H Rodeo Livestock
507Caddy ShackLRocky Mountain Rodeo
6308Logun’s LegacyRBRosser Rodeo
4634Belly DumpRSalt River Rodeo Company
671DTrain StationRSalt River Rodeo Company
936BugattiLSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
731BouchonLSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
919LapuaRSankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics
K86Kiss MeLSilver Spurs Club, Inc.
7033Polar ExpressRStace Smith Pro Rodeos
717ELet’s Go BrandonLStace Smith Pro Rodeos
E64RedwoodRStace Smith Pro Rodeos
632Con AirLStace Smith Pro Rodeos
C7Let’s GambleLStace Smith Pro Rodeos
95Cheddar BiscuitRStockyards Pro Rodeo
923StarburstRStockyards Pro Rodeo
03D Ground AssaultLStockyards Pro Rodeo
814MegavoltLSummit Pro Rodeo
85Big BankLUniversal Pro Rodeo
A54Red DemonLUniversal Pro Rodeo
710Do Dat EddieRUniversal Pro Rodeo
846Wild TimeLWayne Vold Rodeo
704Blanco DiceLWestern Rodeos