PBR’s New Challenger Series To Compliment the Team Series This Summer

The PBR’s Team Series is all the rage lately, however, their Challenger Series cannot be forgotten. Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Challenger Series is Robert Simpson.

The Challenger Series is a series that allows the bull riders, both those on a PBR Team and those who are not, to still enter PBR bull ridings throughout the summer as individuals. It is a compliment the Teams Series and Simpson says that it offers even more opportunity.

Existing summer events were rebranded as Challenger Series events and are now part of a continuous series throughout the summer. This is also an opportunity for free agents and PBR Team members to showcase their talents to the PBR Teams coaches and general managers to set themselves up for up coming seasons.

Looking forward to the Challenger Series, Simpson says that it should be great with the top 40 guys competing at the Challenger Series Finals in November.