Pam Minick Recalls 17 Years of Rose Parade and Broadcast Memories with Patrick Gottsch

Patrick Gottsch held the Rose Parade in high regard and every year, RFD-TV’s float made a statement.

Pam Minick and Patrick Gottsch go way back as friends and business partners, that includes their 17 years of hosting and floating at one particular, bucket list parade in Pasadena, California.

Parades were special for Patrick but he kicked off the last 17 years with what you can only assume was his favorite, the Rose Parade.

“I think his passion for the Rose Parade, as much as he loved The Cowboy Channel and he loved rodeos and he loved entertainment and bringing it, he loved the Rose Parade so much and for 17 years I did the Rose Parade broadcast… He was like a kid on Christmas Morning,” Minick said.

When Minick thinks back on the decade and a half of Rose Parades, alive is the word she uses to describe Patrick when the roses came out.

Aside from the Rose Parade, Minick and Patrick had many broadcast specials that they worked together on, so many that narrowing it down to just one favorite is an impossible task.

“Every special that he trusted me to produce for him, I have great memories. We’d have to talk way more than the time we’ve got today,” she said.

Of all Patrick’s accomplishments, his family came first and within his family, he highlighted one of his many passions when he named his youngest daughter Rose. For Minick, the Rose Parade and producing many chart-topping broadcasts with Patrick is something that could be a highlight reel in itself.